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At Everything Peppers, Spicy Is A Lifestyle.

Welcome to Everything Peppers!  The name says it all. We are all about tasty, hot & spicy peppers and the flaming treats we can create with them. Just simply eating hot peppers and scorching your palette to the tune of numbness isn't enough,  "Everything Peppers" must have flavor as well as health benefits too. We grow and harvest over a dozen of the world's hottest and rarest peppers. We offer pepper plants, seeds, powders, seasonings rubs and more. 

My name is Stan, co-founder of Mulato Green Group Llp, which will forever be an inspiration to Everything Peppers. Over the years, we have sharpened our craft, creating amazing hot sauces gift sets, ghost pepper fish & chicken batter, ghost pepper bacon & beef jerky.  At Everything Peppers, Spicy Is A Lifestyle.

When selecting a pepper to grow, heat levels play a role, however flavor and culinary value is an even bigger factor. It's everything. Aji Dulce & Anaheim peppers are sweet and mild, holding great culinary value. The Aji Dulce pepper is common in Hispanic kitchens. Fresh Aji Dulce pepper is the main ingredient in sofrito. Green Aji Dulce, Anaheim & Yellow Wax peppers are match to create a
smooth and mild verde sauce for even the novelist pepper enthusiast to
enjoy. For those of us who like a lil' more heat than a jalapeno, Black Cobra & Aji Limon are great choices. Black Cobra peppers grow from green, to shinny black then bright 'ripe' red. These little black beauties Pack-a-Punch. Aji Limon pepper offers a sweet citrusy taste, packing even more of a punch.

Pride is foremost when picking, inspecting and shipping  your fresh peppers and products. There is no greater payment than knowing fellow spicy-foodies genuinely enjoy the texture, look, flavor, heat and price of our spicy creations.

Beef & Bacon Jerky for example, are two favored creations. Our Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky is clustered with ghost pepper seasoning, with a hint of habanero for flavor. The Bacon Jerky has a sweet maple flavor. Clusters of ghost pepper seasoning boosts the heat intensity with each bite.

Although we use some of the world's hottest peppers to create eatable spicy treats, the pepper to seasoning ratios allow you to eat a moderate sample and experience the taste of the world's hottest peppers. For those of us liking our treats more on the spicier side, another bite or two will certainly do the trick. 
Our Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky and Ghost Pepper Bacon Jerky are amazing. With each bite, the flavors intensify along with levels of heat.

When eaten in moderation, red peppers offer a few essential health benefits. Vitamin K, which helps with blood performance, is ever-present in red peppers.
Brown and other dark peppers are high in antioxidants, offering benefits that support anti-inflammation, cholesterol levels, blood sugar and more.

Our Ghost Pepper Pork Chop & Rib Rub was created with health benefits in mind. A small amount goes quite a ways. Red ghost peppers and chocolate (brown) peppers were selected for health, flavor and capsicum levels. Not only does it enhance the dishes it is used to create, it is spicy and healthy to boot.

Habanero peppers are a staple here at Everything Peppers. We love to experiment with different varieties of habanero. These peppers come in many colors and flavors; Orange Habanero, Red Habanero, Chocolate Habaero and even White Habanero. Delivering upwards or 350k - 500K Scoville Heat Units (SHU), habanero is a great reference point for us.

Most spicy-foodies can't tolerate the full intensity of a habanero pepper. When comparing habanero to jalapeno, which on average has 5000k SHU, habaneros can be up to 100 times hotter. With this fact in mind, we take pride in delivering spicy eatables that all spicy food lovers can enjoy without experiencing intolerable lengths of heat. We all love spicy condiments with a lil' kick, but not so much that spicy eatables become non enjoyable.

We've been mastering the art of creating unique ghost pepper sauces for several years. Our Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is a prime example of a great tasting splash for spicy-foodies. Those of us seeking serious heat with true flavor, Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce is the one. Its made with pure ghost peppers. The heat factor is there, but making it enjoyable is our gift.

Taking advantage of a super hot pepper's offerings, we compliment the nutty, citrus-like flavor of chocolate ghost with onion, garlic and herbs. A fruit with sweet citrus properties is then chosen to mask and curve the intensity of the heat, making our ghost pepper hot sauce pleasurable for the average spicy-foodie.  Our Mango Habanero Hot Sauce is a prime example. It's sweet mango flavor is upfront, then a warm, pleasurable sensation coats your palette, bringing taste buds to life.

Everything Peppers will continue to grow the world's rarest and hottest peppers, while continuing our en devours to create new and exciting eatable ghost pepper treats. No parts of the pepper goes unexplored.

See You Inside.