The "Black Cobra Pepper Plant", from a seedling, this rare pepper plant fashions natural dark overtones on it's fuzzy leaves and stems. Black Cobra, a.k.a. Goats Weed, is an amazing, black pepper plant. There are so many fascinating attributes to talk about. First and foremost, while most peppers grow green and red, a few pepper plants stand out for being a rich chocolate or vibrant yellow or orange color. Very few peppers are Bold Liquorice in color. However, the Black Cobra Pepper is one of the rare few. 


Black Cobra Pepper Plants are very easy and enjoyable to grow

(This one is quickly becoming a staple on our farm. These peppers have appeal. They are great for culinary purposes; dressing up special dishes.)

If you are intrigued by unique peppers, as well as something hotter than a jalapeno, you'll probably love to grow Black Cobra Peppers. It only takes about 90 days. It's fascinating to watch the seeds spout into tiny, fuzz-covered, midnight seedlings.

Germinated under the proper conditions, Black Cobra seeds will sprout in as little as 6 days. These seedlings prefer warmth. 65 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit works fine for us.  A 40 watt florescent light is sufficient to start the grow indoors and finish outside.

These pepper plants keep their cool fuzz throughout the growth span. Another marveling feature of the Black Cobra Pepper Plant is; the white and violet flowers decorating the majority of the plant. The vibrant flowers only enhance the rich dark traits of this plant.

Black Cobracom with purple flowers grown by Everythingpeppers.


The Black Cobra pepper plant doesn't stop impressing with fuzzy hairs and violet orchid-like flowers. Black Cobra Peppers seem to defy gravity. The beautiful flowers become liquorice colored peppers that grow towards the sky. They start out green and grow to coal-black. When left to fully ripen, these peppers can turn dark red.

The ripe red peppers have been know to be 6-8 times hotter than a jalapeno pepper. If picked while black, the heat is 3 - 4 times hotter than a jalapeno. The flavor is strong and fast acting. The heat isn't unbearable, yet it may be bit much for Non-Fans of 'Spicy'. Yes! it hot!

The unique dishes that can be created with these peppers are endless.

Black Cobra Dare Deviled Eggs By

(We made Dare Deviled Eggs with Black Cobra Peppers, sprinkled with paprika and red habanero powder. They were beyond delicious. They were Slammin! Banging!! Da Bomb!!! 

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