Ají Dulce a.k.a. Ají Cachucha are a variety of sweet peppers found in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is most widely known in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Like a Habanero, Aji Dulce has a natural smoky flavor. Known for being a seasoning pepper, Aji Ducle is essential to a variety  of traditional dishes.Sofrito (garlic, onion, herb & Aji Dulce) is one of the more commonly prepared dishes, using the sweet red pepper. 

Aji Dulce is very mild with no heat. In fact, it carries overtones of sweetness while offering a rich peppery flavor. The texture is smooth and crisp. These red Caribbean beauties offer high levels of Vitamin K. Vitamin  K is an essential nutrient. It helps with maintaining a healthy bone structure as well as blood  clotting.

When planting Aji Dulce, for best germination rate, seeds should be no more than one half inch in the ground or soil, which is at least 55 degrees  Fahrenheit.

The warmer the ground, the faster Aji Dulce seeds germinate. A good rule of "green thumb," if dandelions are growing, the ground is perfect for Aji Dulce seeds. Aji Dulce normally grow two inches or so in size. They grow green, yellow-orange then turn bright red when ripe. Aji Dulce plants bear fruit when they are  about 4 months old, reaching 18 -24 inches tall.

When harvesting Aji Dulce for seeds, bright red pods with fully developed are best for selecting. Green or other than ripe Aji peppers may result in immature seeds.

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Buy Aji Dulce Seeds at EverythingPeppers.com